The Big Questions are:

                               Do I Start a Business

                                        Buy a Business or

                                                 Sell a Business


Take the Test,  it will help you become Ready!


Start a new Business – Skill Test

          Starting a business takes a lot of careful research, planning, market analysis and picking the right product or service that customers will not only want but actually need.  What about the competition? Is it strong, well established, price competitive, high quality, strong image or is there an opening for another  competitor.  Take our skill test and see if you are ready to start your own business.

Buy a Business – Skill Test 

is an online skill test to help entrepreneurs find out if they can be successful in buying and operating a business. By answering these real life serious business questions you will get a good indication.  Your answers will be graded for correctness and you will be given the results at the end of the test.


Sell a Business – Skill Test

If you are considering selling your business it is important to position the business for sale long before the buyers start coming around to take a look.    We can help market your company for sale, advertise it on the internet, interview the potential buyers and help with the “purchase agreement offer”. For more information you can go to Business Consulting Alberta at  http://www.businessconsultingalberta.ca 


Read our eBook on How to Start a Business.  It contains 17 chapters and 40 years of helpful business experience for entrepreneurs who are wanting to start a new business. See the website at http://www.howtostartanewbusiness.ca.

After you take the test I encourage you to read

My eBook – How To Start A Business

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Sell a Business – Buy a Business Start a Business
Evaluate a Business – Website Search Problem 


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